Membership of O365 Distribution Groups

This article explains how to view a distribution group that you are a member of, and how to manage membership of that distribution group if you are the owner of it.

Access Distribution Group Management

Sign into using your university username and password.

You should see the following screen, click on the ‘groups’ tab.

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This will take you to the distribution group management portal. It displays groups that you are a member of on the left and groups that you are an owner of on the right. It should look something like the following.

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You may see a message that says, 'Instead of a distribution group, consider using a new Microsoft 365 Group to collaborate by sharing conversations, documents, and a calendar'. These are separate to distribution groups and are not something that we currently support so please ignore this.

Edit membership of distribution groups you own

To edit the membership, click on the distribution group you would like to edit and then click on the pencil icon above it. This will open the settings window for that distribution group. Click on the ‘membership’ tab which will display a list of the current members, see the example below.

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To remove a member, click on their name to highlight them and then click on the minus icon. To add a member, click on the plus icon which will bring up a global address book. Click on the ‘default global address list’ tab and enter the name, email address or username of the member of staff you would like to add and then click on the plus next to their name. Once you have finished making changes, click on save.

Edit ownership of a distribution group you own

Editing ownership is the same process as adding and removing members. Instead of navigating to the ‘membership’ tab, click on ‘ownership’ instead. This will display the current owners and allow you to remove them or add additional owners.

Adding members in bulk

Adding members to a distribution group in bulk is not something that is currently supported by Microsoft. If you need this, please log a request to the IT Service Desk at with the list of staff you need added, preferably their Please note that IT will only do this with large numbers of staff members, minor changes are expected to be actioned by the owners.