How to send an email to a O365 Distribution Group

This article explains how to send an email out to a distribution group. This method is the same for both the Outlook application and web-based versions of Outlook.

If you need to find out if you are a member or owner of a distribution group, please see 'Membership of Distribution groups' in the Related Articles section.

Emailing the group

Click ‘new email’ in Outlook. Type the name of your distribution group in the To field. 

You can expand the distribution group to see the individual members within that distribution group. You will not be able to collapse it again once this is done.

Add a subject and the email contents as per any normal email and send. It will immediately go out to all members of the distribution group.

If the distribution group is moderated, it will go to a moderator to approve. Once they approve the email it will be sent out. If they reject it, you should receive a follow up email to let you know.

Checking the Distribution group name in the address book

If you need to double-check the group you are sending to, open the ‘address book’ within Outlook and switch the dropdown to ‘global address list'.

You can then search for what you think the name or address of the distribution group is. A group of results should appear that you can check.

Screen snapshot of the Message tab in Outlook with Address Book highlighted