Connect to the Residence wireless personal network (WPN)

The University is in the process of upgrading the wireless network across all University-managed accommodations. This new network will enable secure, high-speed connections for all your wireless devices while you are a resident with us.

The instructions below apply to accessing the network in Sentinel Towers, Lupton Residences, Central Village, Montague Burton and Charles Morris Hall.

Find out how to connect to the residence network if you’re in other University-managed accommodation.

To access the WiFi

To connect to the wireless network:

Visit the campus login page.

Click manage WPA2 portal.

Login using your University username and password.

Show password (PSK) for logging in wireless devices – note this is unique to your login.

Wired Access

To connect a device to the access point in your room using a wired connection:

Log into the website,

Enter the MAC address of the unit in the MAC address field – naming them will help you keep a track of the devices.

When will I be able to use the new WPN?

We are in the process of bringing the new Residence WPN to other University-managed accommodation.

The upgrade project is due to be completed in 2023.