Microsoft 365 Apps on University computers

We are now installing Microsoft 365 Apps (previously called Office 365) on new managed devices. 

Please note, the version installed on your desktop is not the same as the web version (which is accessible to everyone through The web version provides a limited set of features compared to the desktop version. If you're used to these older versions, such as Office 2016, you will likely be comfortable with the desktop Microsoft 365 Apps.

Where are the Microsoft 365 Apps available?

Can I ask to be updated to Microsoft 365 Apps?

We are not upgrading most people at the moment. A separate project will be run to do this, but we do not have any timescales for this at the moment. You can be upgraded if there is a pressing needing, for example: 

If you meet these requirements or have another urgent need for Microsoft 365, please submit a request to the IT Service Desk

What’s new in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 has a number of new or improved features from the previous versions, including better accessibility tools, better support for co-authoring and integration with OneDrive and a more consistent interface whether you are using it from your desktop, online or on the VWD. There are also new features in the individual apps, such as more formulas in Excel and a ‘Presenter Coach’ in PowerPoint.

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