Autodesk Licensing

This article provides details of the Autodesk applications that are currently licensed at the University.


The Autodesk suite is available to use via AppsAnywhere for University-owned and personal Windows devices. This software is deployed with a licence and therefore does not require activation.

The University is also subscribed to the Autodesk Education Licensing program, which entitles students to download individual copies of Autodesk applications onto their personal devices directly via the Autodesk Student Education site (

The University also hosts a multi-user network license for a number of the common Autodesk applications listed below:

Older versions of these products will be retiring as their licenses expire (see below for expiration dates).

Full Product NameLicence Expiration Date
3DS Max 201929/06/2022
3DS Max 202006/07/2022
3DS Max 202105/08/2022
3DS Max 202231/08/2023
AutoCAD 201929/06/2022
AutoCAD 202029/06/2022
AutoCAD 202129/06/2022
AutoCAD 202231/08/2023
Civil3D 201906/07/2022
Civil3D 202006/07/2022
Civil3D 202125/11/2022
Civil3D 202231/08/2023
Inventor Pro 201929/06/2022
Inventor Pro 202008/07/2022
Inventor Pro 202107/08/2022
Inventor Pro 202231/08/2023
Maya 201829/06/2022
Maya 201906/07/2022
Maya 202029/07/2022
Maya 202129/07/2022
Maya 202231/08/2023
Revit 201929/06/2022
Revit 202029/06/2022
Revit 202129/07/2022
Revit 202231/08/2023
Robot Structural Analysis Pro 201906/07/2022
Robot Structural Analysis Pro 202029/06/2022
Robot Structural Analysis Pro 202129/07/2022
Robot Structural Analysis Pro 202231/08/2023

If you have any queries regarding these expiration dates, or if this may impact any existing teaching or research, please raise this via