IT equipment - moving roles or leaving the University

Find out what to do with your IT equipment (eg laptop) if you are moving roles within the University or leaving the University.

Moving to a different faculty or service

If you are moving to a different faculty or service talk to your current line manager and/or finance manager about whether you can take your laptop/computer with you or if your new department will need to provide you with a new one. If you are retaining your device, in some cases the cost of the device may paid by the new area. This should be arranged between the two faculties or services directly. 

If your computer is being passed on to another member of staff it must be reimaged first. Please liaise with your school/faculty about return process and arranging re-imaging. Note - out of warranty laptops will not be reimaged and should be sent to IT for disposal.

Leaving the University

Any equipment which is owned by IT eg a loan laptop, must be returned to IT if the member of staff it was loaned to leaves (using the Return of IT Equipment form). Check with your IT User Rep if you are unsure if it is a loan device. 

If the equipment is owned by the faculty or service, it can remain with the faculty or service and be passed on to another person. Please liaise with your school/faculty about the return process.