Resetting passwords on project or shared accounts

We are in the process of converting all current project mailboxes into a specific type of shared mailbox that doesn't require a password to log into. You will be able to access it via delegate rights set up by IT, making it easier for the you (the mailbox owner) and your delegates, and safer, particularly important in view of recent cyber-attacks.

If you can't remember the password for your account

If you cannot remember the current password or are unable to access your project account,  please log a request with the IT Service Desk (using the 'Request something' link on the homepage). 

Converting your account

For most shared accounts, rather than give you a new password, we will convert the mailbox for you. We will let you know if this is the case and ask you to add users who need access to the mailbox at any time using this form

Before completing the form, if the mailbox currently has access to OneDrive, you must:

  • move any files to either Teams, SharePoint or a personal OneDrive
  • move any Micosoft Forms attached to the mailbox. 

You will not have access to files in the OneDrive account that was previously associated with the account once it has been converted. 

We will take the completed form as confirmation that any associated files have been copied/saved elsewhere. 
Once converted the mailbox will appear automatically in Outlook if not already there, but we will also provide instructions on how to open it and send from it.