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Visit the Minerva homepage on the Digital Education Systems Help website for guides to help you use Minerva. You will also be able to search for answers if you're not sure which guide you might need.

Links to some of the how-to guides available on the website are also provided below:


Academic Integrity tutorial and test
Access, can student access modules in Minerva from previous years
Access, who can access Minerva?
Accessibility in Minerva
Accessibility, keyboard shortcuts and screen readers
Activity Stream, getting started
Ally - guides for students
Assessment and Grades in Minerva, overview of the tools used to set online assessed work
Assessment, Discussions in Minerva
Assessment, Gradescope - guides for students
Assessment, Journals in Minerva
Assessment, submitting a Blackboard Assignment
Assessment, checking you have submitted your work
Assessment, taking a Blackboard Test
Assessment, tips on submitting your work online
Assessment, having trouble submitting assessed work online - what should I do?
Assessment, Turnitin - guides for students
Assessment systems and tools - a student guide
Assignment (Blackboard)


Browser, recommended browsers


Changes to Minerva - a guide for 2022/23 returning students
Copyright and Minerva
Calendars, the two calendars in Minerva, how they differ and what they show
Conversations in Minerva, participate


Discussions, find, read, reply, create, graded, group.
Discussions, edit/delete


Etiquette, Netiquette in Minerva


Files, reducing file sizes
File name guidelines


Getting started with Minerva
Grades, check your grades in Minerva
Gradescope - guides for students
Grading Rubrics
Groups, what they are and how to join them


Icons, what the icons represent in Minerva
Interact with others, tools in Minerva used to interact with others


Journals in Minerva, view, create, edit


Keep track, ways to keep track in Minerva


Log in, How to log in to Minerva
Login, How to log in to Minerva from outside of the university


Module catalogue, where to find the module catalogue link in Minerva
Module Content in Minerva


Navigating inside a module, getting started
Navigation outside a module, getting started
Notification settings, change/personalise
Name pronunciation, add


Organisations, what are they
Overall Grade/Current Grade shown in Gradebook


Profile picture, change
Progress Tracking
Pronunciation, add name


Submission guides, links to submission guides for the most widely used assessment tools


Tests, (Blackboard)
Tests, taking a Blackboard Test
Turnitin - guides for students


Virtual Classrooms in Minerva


Zip files for submission


Need more help?

Make sure you are logged in to this website (it.leeds.ac.uk) when viewing this page. You should then see additional support options, such as the ability to open an IT ticket and, where relevant, submit related requests for specific help.

What is Minerva?

Minerva is the University’s Portal and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It provides quick access to many other digital tools and to the online materials for your modules. Minerva is your 'way in to everything', including learning resources, your email, library record, timetable, student record and much more. 

Visit minerva.leeds.ac.uk and sign in using your username@leeds.ac.uk and password.

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