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Visit the Gradescope homepage on the Digital Education Systems Help website for guides to help you use Gradescope. You will also be able to search for answers if you're not sure which guide you might need.

Links to some of the how-to guides available on the website are also provided below:


Copying Assignments in Gradescope
Extensions, Adding Extensions in Gradescope


Homework Assignment, Creating a Homework Assignment in Gradescope


Grades, Download/export Gradescope grades
Grades, Publishing Gradescope grades


Marks, see Grades


Original Minerva Modules (21/22 and older) - Gradescope guides
Online Assignment, Creating an Online Assignment in Gradescope


Programming Assignment, Creating a Programming Assignment in Gradescope
Request Regrade feature in Gradescope


Sections, Creating assignments for sections in Gradescope
Sections, Marking using sections in Gradescope
Setting upĀ  your Gradescope Course
Submit a paper on behalf of a student in Gradescope
Submissions, Export Gradescope Submissions

Need more help?

Make sure you are logged in to this website ( when viewing this page. You should then see additional support options, such as the ability to open an IT ticket and, where relevant, submit related requests for specific help.

What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a tool offered by Turnitin that provides a new way of submitting and marking assessment. As Gradescope is new, it is extremely important that you follow the best practice advice in these guides.

Gradescope enables electronic creation, delivery, submission and marking of a number of assessment types:

  • handwritten responses
  • typed responses
  • STEM formulae and diagrams
  • programming/code
  • multiple choice

It is particularly useful for paper-based assignments which require students to supply answers that cannot be directly entered into a computer or device.

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