StREAM@Leeds Learning Analytics - Help & Support for Students

StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system.

For students, StREAM@Leeds can be used to take ownership of the way you engage with digital systems and services at the University, as well as enhance your Academic Personal Tutoring meetings with a data-driven context.

By collating data from a variety of Digital Education systems and University services – including the likes of Minerva, virtual classrooms and library access – StREAM@Leeds can tell you which resources you have been using most frequently at any point of your studies. StREAM@Leeds is also able to provide you with daily Engagement Ratings, summarising your activity with digital resources in a snapshot that is quick and easy to understand.

You can log in to StREAM@Leeds by going to After logging on, you will be taken directly to your StREAM@Leeds dashboard, where you will be able to see your Student Profile through a variety of tabs, charts and graphs.

Get help and guidance

The Digital Education Systems Help website contains a library of user guides (step-by-step how-to guides and video tutorials) to help you use StREAM@Leeds. You can also search the Digital Education Systems Help website for answers to questions you have relating to StREAM@Leeds.

Go to the StREAM@Leeds Learning Analytics Student Guides

Additional support

If you are having technical issues using StREAM@Leeds or have questions that aren't answered by the published guides and FAQ's on the Digital Education Systems Help website you can also access support via the IT Service Desk (this website) by logging a request for support using the Log a general Request form, or report something broken using the Log an Incident form.