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Visit the Buddycheck homepage on the Digital Education Systems Help website for guides to help you use Buddycheck. You will also be able to search for answers if you're not sure which guide you might need.

Links to some of the how-to guides available on the website are also provided below:


Adjustment factor in Buddycheck


Evaluations, Create a Buddycheck evaluation in your module
Evaluations, Can I edit Buddycheck evaluations


Grades, Adjust and publish grades in Buddycheck
Grades, Can I review grades in Buddycheck before I publish them


Review and release results in Buddycheck


Setup Buddycheck in your module
Students, Can they see Buddycheck labels/explanations
Students, Can they see the Buddycheck score given to them by other students
Students, What do they see when you click 'Release Results' in Buddycheck
Sync, How do I sync student and group information in Buddycheck

Need more help?

Make sure you are logged in to this website (it.leeds.ac.uk) when viewing this page. You should then see additional support options, such as the ability to open an IT ticket and, where relevant, submit related requests for specific help.

What is Buddycheck?

Buddycheck is a tool for peer evaluation of group work contribution.

Evaluations are created in the Buddycheck system and when the group work is done, students complete the evaluation, scoring their own and their peer's contribution to group work.  Buddycheck then calculates an adjustment factor from the students' responses. This can be used to update a mark awarded to students for any group assessment marked via Minerva.

Buddycheck is integrated with Minerva and both staff and students must access the tool via their Minerva modules.

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