Windows 7 Operating System: End of Life

This article contains important information and instruction for all users and owners of University computers running the Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft support for the Windows 7 operating system ends in January 2023, and the IT Service is now preparing a project to remove all Windows 7 devices from the network before the end of 2022. This article provides users and owners of Windows 7 computers with instructions on how to engage with the project to ensure that their computer/s are included in the project plans, starting with supplying key information on computers to enable IT to assess options.

The approach taken will vary from computer to computer, and to assist with the planning for this work it is first necessary to gather critical information about all Windows 7 devices currently in use both on and off campus. As a first step, all users and owners of University Windows 7 computers are therefore asked to complete a Windows 7 information gathering form. In most cases, this should take no more than 10 minutes per computer.




For the last 3 years the University has purchased extended support to provide security updates for Windows 7 computers. These updates will no longer be available after January 2023, and computers running the Windows 7 operating system will no longer be permissible on the University's network. After January 2023 any Windows 7 computers that remain on the network will be disabled, and as such will become unusable.

From June 2022 through to the end of the year IT will run a project to remove all Windows 7 computers from the University network. Wherever possible, computers will be replaced with new devices running Windows 10, however it is anticipated that a small number will need to remain in a non-networked state. IT will lead on this work, however success is dependent on engagement from all current users and owners of computers running Windows 7.

If you currently use or own a Windows 7 device it is crucial that you engage with the project promptly, and begin preparations for computer replacements or removal from the network. This should include consideration for updating or replacing hardware and software that is incompatible with Windows 10, and identifying requirements for additional expenditure and third party support.

As the project progresses, this knowledge article will be updated, and IT will contact known Windows 7 device users and owners directly to progress plans. 

What to do if you use or own a University Windows 7 computer

Please submit a Windows 7 information form for each Windows 7 computer that you use or own. This is required by IT to effectively plan and execute the replacement, disposal, or reconfiguration of the computers. Completion of the form usually takes no more than 10 minutes per computer. Providing accurate and detailed information will enable IT to plan and schedule the work more efficiently.

Detailed guidance on answering the questions on the form can be found below each question. If you are unsure of how to answer a question, please make your best effort and make a note in the 'Additional Information' box at the end of the form.

Before completing the form, for each computer please prepare the following information:

For more information, please see our Windows 7 End of Life Frequently Asked Questions page.