Changing your Identity

The University of Leeds recognises that staff and students may need to make changes to their identity information.

Changes to your identity will be made to the fifteen core applications at the university, which are:

Core systems

IDSystem / ApplicationUsed By
1Office 365 suite, including OneDriveStaff \ Students
2Microsoft Teams and OutlookStaff \ Students
3ADFS active directory and Azure active directoryStaff \ Students
4M: DriveStaff
5SAP HRStaff
6Banner (inc backend & self service portal)Students
7LURCISStaff \ Students
8ZoomStaff \ Students
9LinkedIn LearningStaff
10Minerva StudentStudent
11Minerva StaffStaff
12Pebble PadStaff \ Students
13Key TravelStaff
14ServiceNowStaff \ Students
15Stone FishStaff

Other Systems

University systems are complex and outside of the core systems there are hundreds of other systems that the university maintains.  As part of the change identity process a case worker will work with you to make those changes.

Where to Start

For current guidance regarding updating your identity information, please visit the Equality & Inclusion Unit Identity Management webpage