Internet Explorer 11 End of Support

Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by Microsoft from June 15, 2022 and will therefore be disabled on all University Windows computers. From this time, if you try to run Internet Explorer you will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge browser. This may affect functionality for older websites and applications that are accessed through a web browser.

Microsoft Edge browser has an Internet Explorer compatibility mode, and Google Chrome is also available on most University Windows computers, however these do not guarantee that browser applications and websites will continue to work. If you use Internet Explorer, please switch to using Edge or Chrome browsers as soon as possible in order to identify potential issues early, and report them promptly. If you discover an issue with a University hosted service or website please report this to the IT Service via a standard service request. For external sites and services you will need to inform the site/service owner.

How this may affect you

During May, we will begin removing Internet Explorer from University Windows computers. This will happen in phases to allow us to gauge and manage impact.

Once removed, you will not be able to run Internet Explorer, and will need to use one of the alternative web browsers available, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Older websites and web-based applications with a dependence on Internet Explorer features may no longer function properly.

Internet Explorer will not be removed from computers in teaching clusters until June.

What should you do

If you currently use Internet Explorer to access websites or web applications, switch to an alternative web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as soon as possible.

If you are responsible for the maintenance and/or administration of a website or web based application, it is important that you ensure that it is fully compatible with modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

If you are a member of teaching staff, please check any web applications or websites that you use to deliver your teaching to ensure full compatibility with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers as soon as possible. 

If you experience issues you should first enable Internet Explorer mode in Edge. If Internet Explorer mode is not available as an option in Edge browser on your computer, you can access it by using Edge browser in the Windows Virtual Desktop.

If this fails to resolve functionality issues, you should take the following steps:


Importing Settings from Internet Explorer into Edge

If you need to import data from Internet Explorer into Edge, copy and paste edge://settings/importData into the Microsoft Edge address bar, then choose “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the selections under “Import from”.