Changes to Atlassian product login


IT have purchased the ability to link Atlassian software products with University of Leeds accounts. In order to switch on this feature, users may need to change the way they log on to these products.


We are implementing Managed Accounts on all Atlassian products (list of products below). If you have signed up for one of these products using your account, then ownership of this account will be managed by the University of Leeds (note if you have signed up for an Atlassian product we will not be managing/supporting your product, only the product will be supported.). This means your profile details (display name etc.) will be aligned with the details on your University login account, and you will not be able to change them. If you wish to manage your own user profile then you must setup an account with your own personal email address.

Users of the IT Confluence product ( will be using Single Sign On (SSO) and will need to provide their UoL credentials and not any accounts you have setup in the application itself.

The products affected by this work are: