User guide to re-image Windows 10 through Software Center

You have been sent this guide because you have been asked to re-image your device. This will cause your device to reboot and may also take some time, so save and close any files you have open and plan accordingly. We advise starting the process at the end of your working day and leaving it to run overnight.

This process will also remove any files that are NOT stored in your M or N drives or in One Drive so make sure you don't have anything you want to keep in your Downloads folder or elsewhere on your C: or D: drive before continuing.

We recommend moving any local data you wish to keep to your One Drive. If you haven't used it before this quick guide should help.

One other thing, the option to select an Operating System will disappear on Sunday so make sure you follow this guide before then. If you cant complete this before Sunday please let the technician that forwarded you this guide know.

What do I need to do?

1. First we need you to click on the start menu in the bottom left hand of the screen and search for Software Center and select it when it appears.

2. Click on the Operating Systems button in the top left hand corner. You should see an Operating System listed (this name will vary from time to time and may be different to the image below). Double click to select it.

Note: If you have more than one entry listed please stop here and let us know.

If you don't see an Operating system listed here please click here.

3. Click the button to Install (Note: On some devices this button might be called Reinstall).


4. You will be warned one last time that you will need to move any files you have stored locally. If you are happy everything you need is stored in your One Drive or M and N drives then click Install. 

Note: If you get an error saying "This can’t be found on the server” wait a few minutes and try again.

5. Your device will now reinstall Windows. This process may take some time. Once its complete please let the technician who sent you this guide know. If you run into any problems they should also be able to assist you. You have now completed all the steps needed to Reinstall Windows and can skip the rest of the guide.

Software Center does not contain an Operating System tab

There are a few reasons why this could happen.