Access to past papers

The university has an archive of past exam papers which are accessible to staff and students. This guide will help you to find past papers and troubleshoot any problems with accessing them.  

How to find past papers

Past papers are accessible through here.

If you are unable to click the above link please go to, click on “Academic life” in the left-hand navigation bar, “Assessment” and then select “Past Examination Papers”.  

When accessing an individual past paper you will be prompted to enter your login credentials, please enter your username (the first part of your university email address) without and your university password to view the paper.

Issues accessing past papers

If you experience issues accessing past papers please try the below guidance to resolve the problem:  

  • Try accessing the past paper site through a different web browser
  • Try deleting the cookies and cache in your web browser, information on how to do this is available here
  •  Try accessing the past paper site through the Windows Virtual Desktop - guidance on how to connect can be found here
  • Ensure you are entering your username without

If you are still unable to access the past papers please log a general request to IT through, please include information of what troubleshooting you have tried and if you receive any error message when accessing the past papers.