Managing Junk settings on your email account

This article will advise on how to manage your junk email filtering and quarantine on your University of Leeds email account. 


The article will cover the following:

Requirements for accessing junk filters and quarantine:

Any supported web browser.

How do I manage my Junk filter settings on my email account?

We recommend applying Junk filters using Outlook on the web (available by visiting  

Open a supported web browser and visit the following Microsoft guidance. Once you have the website open, please click on one of the 3 appropriate drop down menus, as per the following screenshot.

I suspect an email has been sent to quarantine

Messages deemed by Office365 to be spam, bulk mail, phishing mail or mail that contains malware are quarantined. If mail has been incorrectly quarantined and you believe is valid, you can access these emails and release them yourself by visiting your quarantine page and logging in with your normal University credentials.

Quarantined emails are retained for 14 days before being deleted.

Overview of the Junk email filter

For further information about the junk email filter, please visit the following Microsoft page.

Overview of quarantine

For further information about quarantine, please visit the following Microsoft page.