AppsAnywhere - Application has been terminated as it is no longer authorised and will be removed

This article applies to users of AppsAnywhere that are unable to launch software on their own personal Windows devices, and receive a "License Expiration" error message.



If the username on your personal Windows device contains certain special or non-English characters (such as Chinese characters), applications cannot be launched via AppsAnywhere and you will receive a License Expiration message as below:


This issue is currently being investigated by our AppsAnywhere software vendor. 

As an interim workaround, you will need to create a new local user account on your personal device that does not contain special or non-English characters.

Details on how to create a new user account can be found in the following link:

Further information and support

If you have tried the above and you are still having issues, please raise this as an incident via and select "Something Broken" or contact the IT Service Desk.