How to create a screen recording using Microsoft Teams.

If you need to create a recording which includes content on your screen with audio you can use Microsoft Teams to do this. You may need to use this guide if you are trying to create teaching content and cannot use Mediasite Mosaic or other desktop recording solutions.


Start the recording

Open Microsoft Teams. Guidance on Microsoft Teams and how to access it can be found in the 'Related Articles' section of this article.

Click on the Calendar icon on the left hand pane

MS Teams navigation bar with Calendar icon highlighted


Click Meet Now in the Top Right-Hand Corner

MS Teams Calendar top menu items, Meet Now is highlighted


Click Start Meeting then Join Now.

Close the invitation dialogue box that appears.

When you’re ready, click the three dots and choose Start Recording

MS Teams Settings menu expanded with 'Start recording' highlighted

Wait a moment and you will receive a notification that You’re Recording

Choose your settings

Click the Share Button in the top right hand corner

Select Include Computer Sound

And click on the Screen you would like to share/record.

Share content options with Share content icon (white square containing upwards arrow), and screen, 'share computer audio' options highlighted


Return to your screen that you would like your recording to capture. If you are creating teaching content this may be your screen that has your PowerPoint slides open. As long as this screen is the screen you selected to share, the content and audio will be captured. The shared screen will have red lines surrounding the entire screen.

Finish the recording

When you’re finished, click the three dots again and stop recording.

You can also stop sharing or leave the meeting.

Locate the recording

A meeting chat in Teams will be created where you can access your video.

It can take up to an hour to be available depending on the size of the video.

It will be available in Microsoft Stream (Guidance on Microsoft Stream in the 'Related Articles' section of this article) where you can share it from. Alternatively you can download the recording and upload it to Mediasite using the guidance in the 'Related Articles' section.