'Bring Your Own Device' - Supporting Personally-owned Devices

In the IT industry the phrase ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) is commonly used when referring to those using personally-owned devices.

This document provides guidance in the support of personally-owned devices being used to access University services.  These devices include laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

'Bring Your Own Device' Support Guidelines

IT aims to support the work of staff and students using personally-owned devices by providing systems that allow secure access to University services.  We aim to provide support for our services on multiple operating systems; this includes Windows (version 10 and above), Mac OS , Linux, Android and iOS.

However please be aware that not every device will:

  1. be compatible, e.g. some applications will only work well in particular browsers;
  2. meet the minimum system requirements for particular systems and software, e.g. a Kindle is unable to connect to the Leeds University wireless network due to technical limitations of the device itself

IT provides support for the following services on laptops, smartphones and tablets:

Please note that the following terms apply to ALL support requests: