Making the most of the IT website

To get help quickly and make the most of this website, follow this quick guide.


Make sure you log on to this website – you’ll see more articles and be able to check the progress of any incidents or requests you’ve logged.

Screen snapshot of IT home with orange arrow pointing to Logon button in the main menu bar

Click on login and you’ll be taken to the standard University log on page. Enter your username and password. You’ll also be asked to authenticate with Duo.


The easiest way to find the information you need is to search for it. Just type your search in the search box on the home page or at the top of any page and it will search the whole site. 

If you can’t find what you need, try some different words. For example, if you need to connect to the wi-fi you could search for wi-fi, eduroam or network. Adding more words may help narrow down your search, but don’t put too many in or you might exclude some useful results.

Incidents and requests

The IT Service Desk is currently dealing with an exceptional number of incidents and requests. To resolve these as quickly as possible, we are prioritising issues which are stopping people working. Please help us ensure everyone gets the support they need promptly by:

Please only contact the Service Desk if you still can’t find the help you need.

If you need to log an incident, go to the home page and click on ‘Something broken’ (remember to make sure you are logged on to the website first)

If you need to log a request, go to the home page and click on ‘Request something’, then choose the specific request. This will ensure we have all the information we need to deal with your request. If you can’t find a specific request that fits, you can log a general request, but please include as much information as possible.

Viewing your incidents and requests

You can view all your incidents and requests, see the latest updates and add new information to them. Once you have logged on the website, simply click on the INCIDENTS or REQUESTS button in the menu bar on any page.

Screen snapshot of IT homepage with two arrows pointing to INCIDENTS and REQUESTS in the main menu bar

The number next to the INCIDENT or REQUEST button shows how many incidents or requests you currently have.

Click on View all Incidents or View all Requests for more details. This option will not be available if you haven’t logged any incidents or requests.

Screen snapshot of IT homepage after INCIDENT button had been clicked showing 'View all Incidents' link

Updating your open incidents and requests

You can add extra information to your own open incidents and requests at any time. Click on 'Incidents' or 'Requests' and then the name of the incident or request as above. 

If it is still open, you will see a screen showing more information about it and a 'More Details' button. Click on 'More Details'

Screen snapshot showing Request details with More Details button

Your request will open, and you can add new comments in the dialog box at the top. Press 'Send' You will also be able to see all the other comments, both from you and IT Services. 

Screen snapshot showing request details and dialog box to add more informatoin

If your incident or request has been closed you will not be able to add new comments. However, if your incident was closed less than seven days ago, you will be able to re-open it. When you click on the incident name (as above) you will see the details and a button 'This is not fixed'. Click on this button to re-open your incident. You will then be able to add comments to it.