Accessing Embedded Microsoft Stream Videos in Minerva

When accessing embedded videos from Microsoft Stream currently you may encounter a message or error. This guide will explain how to view the video. Please note this does not affect videos embedded in MyMedia.

When you access a module menu item in Minerva (Announcements, Learning Resources etc.) with embedded Microsoft Stream content you may see a message such asĀ 

Screenshot of embedded video in Minerva showing a message saying "Microsoft Stream To see this content sign in New to Microsoft Stream? sign up"

Select the 'sign in' link to continue

Follow the prompts to sign in, if you have signed in before you can select your account from the list

Screenshot of Microsoft account selection window with list of accounts to select from

otherwise enter your username in the format

Screenshot of Microsoft Sign in window prompting for username

Enter your password when prompted

You may receive a Duo prompt, if prompted follow the normal Duo process to approve the login

Screenshot of DUO multifactor authentication prompt

There is ongoing work to remove this issue and make it a seamless experience.