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Visit the StREAM@Leeds homepage on the Digital Education Systems Help website for guides to help you use StREAM@Leeds. You will also be able to search for answers if you're not sure which guide you might need.

Staff who have access to StREAM@Leeds as part of their role can log in to StREAM@Leeds by going to

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What is StREAM@Leeds?

StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system.

For students, StREAM@Leeds can be used to take ownership of the way they engage with digital systems and services at the University, as well as enhance their Academic Personal Tutoring meetings with a data-driven context.

By collating data from a variety of Digital Education systems and University services – including the likes of Minerva, virtual classrooms and library access – StREAM@Leeds can tell students which resources they have been using most frequently at any point of their studies. StREAM@Leeds is also able to provide them with daily Engagement Ratings, summarising their activity with digital resources in a snapshot that is quick and easy to understand.

For staff, the data demonstrating learning progress via StREAM@Leeds will help academic personal tutors and their students to understand in more detail any barriers to success students may face, whilst also enabling more informed and tailored conversations to support student success.

As the system grows and the University learns more about individual learning journeys, the University’s ability to understand and enhance our pedagogical approach will be invaluable. By having access to crucial learning data the University can review, adapt and enhance our curriculum and assessments in partnership with students.

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