What is Symplectic?


What is Symplectic? 

Symplectic Elements is the University's system where academics, researchers and postgraduate research students can record and upload their research outputs and record impact and professional activities. It also displays awarded grants from the KRISTAL system. 

What do I use it for? 

Entering and uploading research outputs. Depositing files for inclusion in White Rose Research Online, the institutional open access repository. Entering professional activities. Entering records of impact activities. Displaying awarded grants from the KRISTAL system. Nominating and reviewing outputs as part of the University’s assessment exercises. 

An editable Academic CV and an Annual Academic Meeting report can be downloaded, which is pre-populated with some information from Symplectic. 

Who is it available to? 

Academics, researchers, postgraduate research students and administrative staff. 

Staff with administrative roles within Symplectic can carry out actions on behalf of other users. In addition they may be able to carry out reporting and reviewing tasks. 


Symplectic is not available to non-University members. 

How do I access it? 

Symplectic is available at the url publications.leeds.ac.uk. 

It is available on campus via a wired network connection, or off campus via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Virtual Windows Desktop (VWD). Please note, using a wireless connection on campus to access this system is classed as being off-campus. 

Please note, when entering your username to log in, it should be entered in the form abcxyz (i.e. without adding @leeds.ac.uk). 

If none of the above have worked or are applicable, please contact IT via the Self-Service website (it.leeds.ac.uk). 


Guides are available after logging into the system and clicking on the 'Help' link. Additional information relating to claiming and depositing research outputs can be found on the library website


For general queries about Symplectic system, please contact ris_qualityandpolicy@leeds.ac.uk, or for any research output based queries please contact research@library.leeds.ac.uk