Introduction to Explorance Blue Module Evaluations

Explorance Blue is the University’s institutional module evaluation tool, and was implemented in Autumn 2021. It will help us to improve the user experience for both students and staff, and provides effective tools for the analysis and reporting of student evaluation, helping us close the feedback loop.

What is the timeline for implementing Explorance Blue?

We are taking a phased approach to the new system. From September 2021, Explorance Blue has been used to replace the Enterprise Surveys module evaluation tool, which is no longer available.  

We will be supporting all schools to use the new Explorance Blue system by September 2022. 

When can I access Explorance Blue?

You will receive an email from asking you to log into Explorance Blue if:

Support is available including access to light-touch training for anyone wanting to use the system in more in-depth ways. Please contact the project team at for further information.  

Staff and Students: How to log into Explorance Blue

When your module evaluation goes live, you will receive an email inviting you to log into the system. This link will be unique to you, so please do not share it. 

If your link is not working, or you have lost the email which contains the link, you can go to and you will be invited to sign in using your username (for staff, this means using your alphanumeric username e.g. and not your email address consisting of initials and surname).

Log in dialogue box. Enter username

After inputting your username and password you will be prompted to authenticate using Duo two-factor authentication.

Staff: What can I do with Explorance Blue?

Explorance Blue allows you to view data in different formats. Your homepage will appear as below:

Blue home pageshowing various tasks to complete

Home - Tasks: This contains your list of modules. If you click on a module to select it, you will see its individual response rates.

Home - Subject Management: You can click on the Subject Management button (next to ‘My Home’ on the upper left side of the page) to see a grid-format view of your module evaluations, including their individual response rates.

Home - Reports: After your module evaluations have closed you will be able to access a PDF report showing the results via the ‘Reports’ section on your Explorance Blue homepage. This report will contain the scores from core questions, and any open text comments. As with previous systems, students will not be identified.

Response Rate: Once your module evaluations are live, you will receive an email inviting you to view your response rates. As noted above, you can view individual response rates using the Tasks list or Subject Management button. You can also look at these in Response Rates (select button on the left-hand side of the page). This will display:

Students: What can I do with Explorance Blue?

When you have evaluations to complete your Explorance Blue home screen will look like the image below. If you navigate to your homepage the list of modules you have been asked to evaluate will appear under ‘Tasks’. 

Blue student home screen showing tasks to complete

You can only complete each survey once, and you cannot re-submit it. Once you have submitted a survey, the module will appear in grey so that you can view which surveys you have already completed. 

Staff: Can I continue to use Enterprise Surveys?

Unfortunately, Enterprise Surveys is not compatible with the upgraded Minerva and will not be available from July 2021. 

Staff: What questions will appear on my module evaluation?

The current list of core module evaluation survey questions can be found on the Quality Assurance website. Schools with active surveys have been given the option to add up to three questions to obtain feedback on specific subjects. Further information regarding the use of school or module-level questions will be shared in due course. 

Questions and troubleshooting

If you have any questions, or you are having problems with accessing or using Explorance Blue, please contact and we will be able to advise you.

Additional help can be found via the Explorance Blue Support pages, advice is arranged by the role you have in the system: