Embedded Mediasite videos within Minerva

We are currently seeing an issue that may impact your ability to access embedded Mediasite videos in Minerva, this is currently affecting around 2,200 users. If you are affected, when visiting a page in Minerva with a video embedded from MediaSite, a "Sad Face" broken link icon is displayed instead of the video.


There is currently a workaround in place. If you are also logged into MediaSite (https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk/) within the same browser session, the links will display correctly.  For example:

  1. Open Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or alternative browser.
  2. Navigate to MediaSite (https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk/) and login.
  3. Open a new tab within the browser and open Minerva (https://minerva.leeds.ac.uk/).
  4. All embedded video content will display correctly.

If the above steps do not work, please clear your cache, restart your browser and try the above steps again.

We are continuing to work with a number of vendors to find a solution for this issue.

If you are affected by this issue please click the 'I'm affected' button on our Service Status page.