How to pin the Weekly10 app in Teams

This guide is for licensed users of the Weekly10 app only.

It will show you how to pin the Weekly10 App in Microsoft Teams. To do this you will first need to link your account.

To link the Weekly10 App to your University account.

1. Login to the installed Teams app.

2. Click the 3 dots on the left and type Weekly10. Click Weekly10 once it populates.

3. click Add

4. On the next screen, click Link account

5. This will then open the Weekly10 site in a web browser. Click Sign in with Microsoft

6. Sign in with your University account, in the format

7. On the Permissions requested pop up, click Accept 

8. You will then be presented with the following screen, you may not need the code, but please make a note of it. Then click Done.

9. You will then see your Dashboard.


How to pin the Weekly10 app in Teams

Once you have linked your account, you will now see the Welcome message within the app in Teams. To pin the app in Teams, right click the Weekly10 app on the left hand side bar, and select Pin.