Meaco - Enviromental Monitoring software

What is it

The Meaco Enviromental Monitoring software is used in several Library locations, including the Art Gallery, Treasures Gallery, Special Collections and Western Campus Store. Live data from the many temperature, light and humidity sensors are shown in the Sensia II (Meaco) client when it connects to the Library server, and appropriate staff can use the client software to also configure alerts for changes.

Who has access

Anyone can access the Meaco system via the Sensia II client software, which would need to be installed on their workstation.

There are no licence restrictions for the Sensia II client software. If this is required for your role in the Library to monitor various locations, please place a request on the IT Self Service website ( and ask for this to be installed.

Please note, this service is limited to workstations based on campus, but it can also be accessed remotely over the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Help and support

If you have problems accessing the Meaco system or the live data is offline, please raise an incident with the IT Service Desk request via the IT Self Service website: