LASER: VRE Project Cost Proposals for LASER

This KB article provides general information on how to raise a request for obtaining project cost proposals for any given VRE project for the LASER Service. 

The new service is called LASER (Leeds Analytics Secure Environment for Research) which is a PaaS cloud based service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

VRE Project Cost Proposals

This article is a guide, with the aim of ensuring that all project cost proposal related requests are logged appropriately against the LASER service containing sufficient information, so that they can be triaged to the appropriate team. Please consult with the LIDA's DAT team in the first instance who will discuss your requirements and submit the request to IT Services.

One of the aims of the Researcher's submission of the business case for obtaining approval is to obtain and secure funding or grant for their research projects. As part of that business case presentation an indicative cost proposal is requested from IT Services for the VRE Project(s).

The various LASER requests for example, the ‘Creation’ of any VRE environment will be submitted to IT Services directly by the DAT team subject to their internal governance procedures and approval by their Principal Investigator(s) (PI). Based upon this any requests to UoL IT Services from the DAT team will then be treated as having obtained prior approval and will be treated as an authorisation to proceed with the request that is being submitted.

Please use the following URL link to raise LASER Service Requests and pick the VRE Project Cost Proposal Request.

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Requesting a Project Cost proposal

1. Researcher discusses their research project requirements with the DAT Team following LIDA's internal RMP process.

2. DAT Team submit the VRE Project Cost proposal request form (LASER Requests are listed in the Request Catalogue within ServiceNow).

3. VRE Project Cost proposal details is returned to the DAT team in the form of a spreadsheet.

4. The DAT team will then share the cost summary sheet with the Researcher.

Further guidance

If you have any further queries or require further information, please consult with the LIDA'S Data Analytics Team (DAT) in the first instance to discuss your initial VRE project requirements. The DAT team will make further enquires on your behalf as well as submitting your requirements, subject to approval, to IT Services to commence VRE builds and or changes to your existing VRE VM environments.

More information is available on the LASER documentation site.

You may also wish to discuss further options by raising a Service Request for the Service Delivery Management team.