Mediasite Channels

Mediasite Channels are a modern way to securely showcase video and audio content in Mediasite. Mediasite Channels offer a number of improvements in terms of streamlining the user interface and are more mobile-friendly. This article explains more about Channels and what's changing after the Mediasite 8.0 release.

What's Changing?

Currently, students can access Mediasite content linked to modules in Minerva using Mediasite catalogues. These have been in use since 2014 and are being retired in Mediasite version 8.0. A catalogue accessed via Minerva is shown below:

Old Catalogs in Mediasite

Once Mediasite 8.0 is installed (between Midnight and 4am on 28 August 2021), all catalogues will be replaced by Channels. This means that when students or staff click on the Media area of a module, they will see a Channel instead. Below is a Mediasite Channel accessed via Minerva:

Screenshot of new Channels in Mediasite

Students can still click on the title of the video to access the content. Below is a screenshot of a video in a Channel: 

Screenshot of Channels player

Channels feature a playlist view (similar to YouTube) which makes it easier to access other content and full screen mode.

All modules will have a Channel in the Media area after Saturday 28 August 2021 once Mediasite 8.0 is installed.

What's not changing?

Staff can still link content to modules the same way as before following this guidance.