Closing the IT Shop

From September 2021, access to Software for Home will be moving to AppsAnywhere and the IT shop (via the University’s online store) will be retiring.

Some software for home use has been available through the IT Shop in the University's online store. The IT Shop is closing in September 2021 and this software will instead be available through AppsAnywhere. You will not need to request access to these applications as they will be automatically available (unless there are license restrictions).

Windows devices

For Windows devices, you won’t need to download media or type in license keys, as the software will be delivered by AppsAnywhere CloudPaging service (as is the case in clusters and on the Virtual Windows Desktop).

Non-windows devices

Where non-Windows versions were available in the IT Shop, a download link will now be provided via AppsAnywhere.


Please refer to the following FAQs for more information

Why is the IT Shop closing?

Following the launch of AppsAnywhere in 2020 we are moving to provide a single portal to access all teaching software. 

Whilst the IT Shop (ordering via Leeds Online Store) is closing, no software is being removed from use. It is primarily just the way you access it that will change.

How do I request access to the software?

All the software that was previously available to request via the IT Shop is now automatically available in AppsAnywhere to all students and staff without needing to request this.

In some cases (due to licensing restrictions) software may have to be restricted to certain school/faculty members).

Isn't AppsAnywhere only available on Windows Virtual Desktop?

No, AppsAnywhere was launched at the same time as Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) but they are two separate systems. AppsAnywhere can be accessed directly from any device via 

The software available on WVD, Clusters and personal devices may differ due to licensing restrictions.

Isn't AppsAnywhere only for Windows devices?

The delivery of software (via the CloudPaging Player) is only available on Windows devices. This is how the majority of our Windows software is provided. 

Where other Operating System versions are available, you will be presented with download links to these versions of software when you log into AppsAnywhere from those Operating systems.

Can I still use software offline?

Yes, we are in the process of making all the previous software from the IT Shop available via offline use in AppsAnywhere. This will increase to other software over the coming months.

Once software has been launched on your device, you can continue to access this using the icons in the START menu as usual. There should be no need to keep logging into AppsAnywhere.

How do I access software offline?

Please refer to the AppsAnywhere FAQ article in the related articles section at the top of this page. 

What happens to the version I have already installed on my device?

You can continue to use any of the software you have previously downloaded via the IT Shop.

What if I want an updated version?

Updated versions of software will now be made available via AppsAnywhere only.

Can I still get an updated license key?

License keys will still be provided for the software that require this.

Links to the required articles can be found by clicking ""more info"" next to the required software in AppsAnywhere. Alternatively these can be found via and searching for the required Software.