Cloud Minimum Standards

Cloud services and specifically Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the preferred option to host IT systems for the University.  Where we can't adopt existing University systems to meet essential new requirements then new systems based on SaaS should be considered in any business case for change.

Suppliers of systems based on SaaS can self-certify against our set of Cloud Minimum Standards (CMS).  The CMS (attached) can be used to assist the University in making an options assessment and to quickly identify potential SaaS solutions which may fall short of the University's non-functional requirements for IT systems.  It should be noted, however, that a CMS assessment doesn't replace the need for completing the Contracts Approval Checklist before raising any purchase order for software (see KB0016080).

The attached Cloud Minimum Standards seek to provide base-level assurances for the qualification of simpler and stand-alone SaaS solutions.  The completed supplier return may need further clarification; and even result in the need for the more comprehensive Standard Non-Functional Requirements assessment (see KB0015419) to be conducted.

Examples of where the use of Cloud Minimum Standards will not suffice are where the solution requires:

The Cloud Minimum Standards has been approved by the University's Design Authority and it will be reviewed at least annually.

The IT Work Request form can be used to engage with IT Services; and the Business Relationship Management team can provide further assistance if needed (see KB0012310).