What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams Voice is a cloud-based phone system add-on for Microsoft Office 365, giving you the flexibility to make and receive phone telephone calls from wherever you are. 


What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

The Microsoft Teams phone system (Teams Voice) is being rolled-out across the University for members of staff, giving you the flexibility to make and receive phone telephone calls on various devices, from wherever you are. You’ll keep your existing phone extension number where possible. You will still have all the features you’d expect from a phone system, including voicemail, hunt and pickup groups etc., but with all the additional functions of Microsoft Teams. 

Calls will arrive directly via Microsoft Teams, meaning you can pick them up from your computer, mobile phone or mobile device – wherever you have Teams installed. Whether you’re working on or off-campus, your calls will automatically arrive, wherever you are logged in. You’ll also be able to call someone directly from their contact details or by entering their phone number. 

With many calling options and useful features at your disposal, you can communicate with people or groups in familiar ways, to suit your needs.

Key things to remember as you make and manage calls in Teams: 

  1. There are many ways to make calls in Teams, find out more here: 'First things to know about calls in Microsoft Teams'.
  2. You can do a lot while on a call in Teams 
  3. You'll only receive notifications of a new call while you're logged in to Teams and not already on another Teams call or meeting. You can also set 'quiet hours' to control your notifications.  

How to use Microsoft Teams Voice

Further guidance on how to use Microsoft Teams Voice can be found in the links below (Important: links are directed to the external Microsoft support site).

Making and receiving calls

Managing calls

Out of office, quiet hours and voicemail

Your settings

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