Getting started with Globus data transfer service

Globus is an online secure data transfer service used to manage file transfers between computers anywhere in the world.  It is available to all members of the University and is the only supported file transfer mechanism.

Globus is available for use on Windows, Linux and Mac

Your files are safe

How do I request my file storage be enabled for Globus?

You can request that your existing file storage can be enabled for Globus by completing the form in the related requests box at the top right of this article (the request link will show when logged in).  Please note that not all legacy file systems may be suitable to be given Globus access.  Whilst we will endeavour to support enabling all storage we can only guarantee that this service will work with the existing network or Edge storage services provided by IT.

How do I log into Globus?

You can log into Globus by following the instructions in this article.

How do I manage access to a folder via Globus?

There are two ways to manage access to your data on Globus:

  1. Instructions on how to share individual files and folders in Globus are available on the Globus website.
  2. 1. You can make things easier to work with colleagues by creating and managing groups of users in Globus.

What advanced features are available with Globus?