Altering the appearence of web content and Operating Systems to improve Accessibility

Many Web browsers e.g. Chrome and Safari can transform the size and appearance of content to improve accessibility.  For some platforms, accessibility controls work across the entire operating system and many of the installed applications, including browsers. 

Controls to alter accessibility settings can be found in different places depending on activity and which device you are using.

Web browsing

Windows browsers can gracefully resize well formed web pages by the key combination:

CTRL + / CTRL - 

On the Mac use:

Option-Command-Plus sign (+) / Option-Command-Minus sign (-)

Pinching the screen in IOS with 2 fingers resizes the screen in a similar way.

the Chrome web browser makes use of plugins to customise web accessibility across all platforms. You can install a browser extension in Chrome to change colours, for example ‘High Contrast’, ‘Midnight Lizard’ or ‘Pro Visu Look’.

Changing the appearance of Windows to improve accessibility

Windows has one in built high contrast colour scheme which works across applications, web pages and the desktop. You can activate it with this keystroke:


Other colour schemes can often be chosen by right clicking the desktop and selecting personalise.

Windows has many options to alter appearance. Full details can be found at Microsoft's accessibility support for windows pages.

Changing the appearance of the Mac to improve accessibility

Use the Shortcut pane of Accessibility preferences to change the Mac colour options included in the Accessibility Shortcuts panel. Press these keys together:

Option (⌥), Command (⌘)  and F5. 

On notebook computers with a Touch Bar, you may need to press the Fn (Function) key as well. ... To close Accessibility Options, click Done or click anywhere outside the window.

Once options are set if your Mac has Touch ID quickly press Touch ID three times is a quick way to turn on or off the options you use most often.

Changing the appearance of IOS to improve accessibility

IOS devices implement accessibility across many apps so configuring your IOS device in settings will transform both web and app content. Go to settings  > accessibility  to make changes.