Introduction to LASER

LASER (Leeds Analytic Secure Environment for Research) provides Virtual Research Environments (VRE) for University researchers, delivering flexible and scalable resources. It meets the highest standards of security for data analytics, ensuring ISO27001 and NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliance.

What is a Virtual Research Environment?

LASER is the platform on which we can build and host Virtual Research Environments (VREs).

In their simplest form, a VRE is a virtualised environment consisting of virtual machines and shared storage where data flow is strictly controlled. Taking a ‘walled garden’ approach, there is no access to the internet or other networks from inside a VRE.

Research is conducted by connecting to a virtual machine (VM) within a VRE. The VMs within a single VRE can all see the same project shared storage, which is inaccessible from other VREs. Software can be installed to, and run directly on, the VMs.

LASER diagram. Two VREs are shown in separate boxes, each containing two VMs and shared storage

The LASER Platform has been designed with, and for, researchers and includes the following capabilities:

Using LASER and more information

If you have any questions or are interested in working with LIDA (Leeds Institue for Data Analytics) and using the LASER platform, please contact a member of the Data Analytics Team

More information is available on the LASER documentation site