Bi-annual time changes

This article shows you how to ensure the time on your University-managed Windows device updates correctly between GMT (UTC) and British Summer Time (BST). If you have previously been affected by issues with time changes and if your device is not routinely connected to the wired campus network (ie your device is not on campus and the network cable plugged in), you should follow these instructions.

Note for Admin domain users:

as of 29/03/2021, VPN access is available to Admin domain users. Except in limited cases, this has not been possible before now. All users of university-owned devices set up by IT will now be able to receive automatic time changes by following these instructions.

The next time change, from GMT to BST, is due to happen on Sunday 28th March 2021. Windows PCs not connected to the wired campus network at the time of the change will not have their system time updated automatically, unless the process outlined below is followed.

  1. Save any open work, as you may be prompted to log out and back in again to apply the changes made in the subsequent steps.
  2. Connect to the University VPN (Pulse Secure). If you are not sure how to do this follow these instructions on connecting to the VPN.
    NB VPN connections are limited, so if you cannot connect immediately, please keep trying.
  3. Click the search icon in the task bar on your laptop (usually at the bottom left of your screen), type cmd and press the return key to open a command prompt window.
    Screen shot showing command prompt
  4. In the command window that opens, type gpupdate /force and press the return key. Please ensure you include the space between gpupdate and /force.
    Screen snapshot showing CMD prompt with the command gpupdate / force typed in
  5. Once the update is confirmed as having run successfully, disconnect from the VPN. This will free up a connection for others needing to make the same change.

You may receive a further message, once the policy update has run successfully, asking if it is OK to log off.

Screen snapshot showing the message with OK to log off?  prompt

If you do, make sure all your work is saved, then type y in the command prompt and press the return key. 

Logging out and back in will ensure that all policy updates, including the time change, are applied, so it is important to complete this step. If the VPN is still connected once you have logged back in, don't forget to close down that connection.

If you are not asked to log off, you don't need to, just close the Command Prompt window by clicking the X (close) icon at the top right of the window.

You will only need to apply this update once - in future when the clocks change your computer clock will update automatically.