Weekly10 is a web based tool designed to improve communication within teams. This article explains the purposes for which the tool can be used including any limitations on the types of data that may be stored within it.

What is Weekly10?

Weekly10 is a tool for coordinating day-to-day operational team leadership and short-term goal setting and monitoring. It provides a number of useful features, such as the ability for team members to submit weekly progress reports (which are visible by default to the rest of the team) and for a team leader to provide informal feedback support and advice.

What unique functionality does it provide?

Weekly10 provides a way to continuously and iteratively define and assess both personal and team objectives and key results on a regular (normally weekly) basis.

What types of data can I store?

Weekly10 has been approved for storage of unclassified and confidential data. It must not be used for the storage of highly confidential data.

In practical terms, this means that Weekly10 must not be used to store any records relating to performance concerns, any sensitive personal information such as passport details or home address / telephone number or any information on an individual’s protected characteristics.

Weekly10 is GDPR compliant and the policies around data retention and storage are available on the Weekly10 website. 

Are there any other limitations on its use?

Weekly10 should only be used to supplement existing University processes (including, but not limited to SRDS, sickness and holiday tracking, performance review etc.) but not to replace them. For example, whilst the notes contained within the system might contribute to the discussions held in SRDS meetings, these must still be recorded on the standard SRDS form, including identification of training requirements. Similarly sickness (& other) absences and annual leave should still be recorded in SAP, although team members may also choose to update their availability within Weekly10. The tool is currently in use in the IT Service. Please discuss any further use with your HR representative.

Is there a University license for this service?

The University does not centrally fund licenses to use this service.

Who is the business contact for this service?

During the current scope, the contacts are Steve Wilson and Sarah Coulson for IT.

Is there a data processing agreement in place with the company?

Yes, a data processing agreement was signed by the company who provide Weekly10 (Binary Geek Ltd.) on 9th March 2021

How do I get support?

IT and HR do not provide any support for this service, so technical support queries should be directed to Weekly10 via their website. Non technical queries should be directed to your local HR team.