Recent and upcoming changes to the Virtual Windows Desktop

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the recommended way to access services which are normally only available on campus, such as M and N drives, teaching software, SAP, Banner and web services such as Employee/Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS). We have now moved to a monthly cycle of updates. This pages introduces the recent and forthcoming changes. 

June 2021 update

This will be rolled out to the General and Restricted desktops during the week beginning 28 June. 

Infrastructure changes

The Restricted desktop will have double the amount of RAM (memory) to assist Finance and HR with some of their larger datasets.

The Academic desktop will have a faster processor type. The same number of users will be able to access the Academic desktop simultaneously (1024), but we will have more servers providing the service, so the maximum number of people per server will be halved from 32 to 16. 

Content changes

General desktopRestricted desktopAcademic desktop
Office 365 introduced (64 bit) including OneDrive and TeamsOffice 365 introduced (64 bit) including OneDriveOffice 365 introduced (32 bit to ensure compatibility with all teaching software) including OneDrive

SQL server developer made availableAppsAnywhere client updated

Power BI made available

On all the desktops: 

  1. Library Journal and external website access has been fixed 
  2. Improved access to departmental storage 
  3. Updated Windows 10
  4. Chrome has been made the default web browser and Edge Chromium installed.

We have also updated the software which provides the virtual desktops (FSLogix) and implemented a number of minor bug fixes.