Microsoft Bookings with me

University staff can use the Microsoft Bookings with me feature in their Leeds account to allow users to book time in their calendar.


Why Use Bookings with me?

Tutors provide their availability for office hours through a Personal Bookings Page, enabling students to book 1:1 appointments. Additionally, University staff can use a Personal Bookings Page to provide their availability to both internal and external colleagues and allow them to schedule meetings or events. 

Access your Personal Bookings page

To access your personal bookings page, follow these steps:

  1. From a web browser, log into
  2. Open a 'New tab' in the browser.
  3. Enter the web address

Meeting Types 

The default meeting type is a 30 minute public online meeting using Microsoft Teams. You can edit the default meeting type, add new types, and customise your availability for each type. For example, you could create a public meeting type called "Office Hours" for 15-minute meetings during specific hours on Thursday. 

You can create multiple meeting types for your Personal Bookings Page. Using different meeting types allows you to customise the types of appointments you allow users to book on your calendar. Public meeting types will appear automatically on your bookings page, whereas Private meeting types will only be visible to those with a link. Important: only people within the organisation will be able to book private meetings, whereas external users will be able to book public meetings.

Meeting types are configured from

Create a new meeting type

To create a new meeting type, do the following:

To edit or delete a meeting type

Click on the meeting and make the relevant changes.

NOTE: A new feature (introduced in November 2023) allows you to send an email with your personal booking page to your top collaborators. The email message your top collaborators receive is shown below:

If you don't want to send this email when you edit your booking type, uncheck the box for 'Send an email with your personal booking page to your top collaborators.' and click 'Save'.

Publish your Bookings Page

You will need to publish your bookings page in order for people to see the meeting types and availability.

Publish button on bookings page

Share Your Personal Booking Page

To share your personal booking page, you can use the following options:


Sharing a specific Public meeting type links (URLs)

You can share a link to a specific public meeting type rather than the whole booking page.


Sharing Private meeting type links (URLs)

You will need to share each private meeting individually using one of the following options:



Making a booking

  1. Click the link for the calendar.
  2. Select a 'meeting type' (if there is more than one type).
  3. Click the 'Time zone' button and select 'Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London' (If you are not in the UK, select your time zone)
  4. Select a 'date'.
  5. Select a 'time' (if you have chosen a different time zone, the corresponding times will be calculated to reflect what times the appointments are in your time zone).
  6. Click 'Next'.
  7. Enter 'name' and 'email address'.
  8. Click 'Book'.

Important: The booking system may send an email with a verification code to the requester, which will require entering on the bookings page before the booking is confirmed. This is a security feature.

How to cancel a booking

As the personal booking system uses emails and calendar events to arrange meetings, the participant can decline calendar event or the organiser can delete the calendar event.

Alternatively, you can manage the booking via the link in the calendar invitation email they received upon booking.

Turn off your bookings page

If you want to temporarily suspend bookings, you can turn off the bookings page. This means that any links you have provided to both public and private meeting types will no longer work and an error page will be displayed.


No appointment slots are showing as available to book

  1. Please check you do not have the time already booked out as 'busy' on your Outlook calendar.  Any busy time showing on your calendar will not allow appointments to be booked during that time. 
  2. Ensure that your appointment type has not got custom hours set up. (See Point 7. under 'Create a new meeting type' instructions above).
  3. Ensure your max lead time is far enough in advance. (See Point 8. under 'Create a new meeting type' instructions above).

Two people have booked the same time slot causing a "double-booking"

  1. Advise people booking to "refresh" their browser before making a booking to ensure that the required time slot is still available. (If people are booking simultaneously, or you are expecting a high number of bookings, it is possible that multiple people could choose the same time slot).


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