Banner Reports - REP-50004 and REP-51018 Error Messages

The Problem:

Banner-9 Reports are started from the SWAREPR form, which opens a new tab in the browser containing the Reports log-in page where the user must enter their Banner/Oracle password.  If the log-in is successful, the parameter page will then appear where the user selects and submits the reporting options to be used on this occasion.

However, the report sometimes fails to run after that point with the error-message “REP-50004: No report is specified on the command line”.

A Related (But Different) Problem:

NOTE: This article assumes that the Banner-9 user's underlying Banner/Oracle account is not locked and that its password has not expired

However, if your account is expired (but not locked) and you can remember your previous Banner/Oracle password, you should be able to give yourself a new Banner/Oracle password using the GUAPSWD form in Banner-9.
But if your account is locked or if you do not know your "old" password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk about resolving the issue before you can use Reports. 

The Problem (Part 2):

The message "REP-51018: Database user authentication is missing" is a bit misleading as it always appears on the log-in screen, even when the report ends up running successfully.  But it's the type of thing you probably don't notice until there's a problem!

However, after entering the options on the report's parameter page, the log-in screen can sometimes appear for a second time (which is not correct) and is then followed by the message "REP-50004: No report is specified on the command line" - and the report does not run.

The Solution:

If this is the problem that you are encountering, you should be able to fix it by clearing the browser's cookies & cache, which you can do by following these instructions (and in this sequence):

[a] Leave the browser open (or re-open it) - but log out of Banner-9 and close its tab, along with any open Reports tabs.

[b] Then clear the cookies and cache in the browser being used to run Banner-9, which would normally be Chrome but could also be Edge or Firefox, for example.  This article explains how to clear down cookies & cache (although you don't need to clear the browsing history):

[c] Then close the entire browser.

[d] After this, you can log back in to Banner-9 and Reports should behave normally again.