Remote Access to an on Campus PC Terms and Conditions

In addition to the University's IT policies ( there are specific terms and conditions that people who remotely access campus PCs must agree to abide by. These are to ensure the ongoing security of the campus IT systems and the health and safety of University colleagues.


If you are not the primary / sole user of the computer to which you are requesting access, you should:

Where the purpose of remote access is for the remote management of instrumentation or control systems, a local risk assessment should be undertaken to cover risks such as a robotic arm striking a person working in the room or a chemical pump that could cause a spill etc.

If the use of a computer changes and remote access continues, it is your responsibility to ensure that a new risk assessment is completed where necessary.

Authentication and access

It is essential that the University keeps a clear audit trail of computer use such that the use of any University computer for inappropriate activity can be traced.

Where a user's account has direct administrative (root) access, this will need to be reviewed and wherever possible removed or separated to minimise the security risk to the computer and the wider campus network.

If you are provided with remote access to a shared computer, you should understand how your use may affect other users of the computer. On individual desktop computers, use is likely to be exclusive to one individual and a loss of data may occur where additional unplanned access is facilitated.

Operational responsibilities

If remote access to a computer is provided there are additional operational activities and responsibilities that the person(s) requiring access will need to fulfil.

Relevant existing policies

There are several other policies that govern the acceptable use of University computer systems that are relevant to remote access:

Use of Computer Systems policy:

Access Control and Account Management Policy:

Password Usage and Management policy:

Security Patching policy:

If you can comply with all of the requirements listed above, then please complete the 'Remote Access to Campus Device' form which can be found in the 'Related Requests' section of this article.