Return loan IT equipment to the University - Guidance for Staff and Postgraduate Researchers

Members of Staff and Post Graduate Researchers who have been loaned IT equipment can follow the below guidance to return it to the University.


Schedule your equipment return

Staff and Postgraduate Researchers who wish to return loaned IT equipment should use the related request form: 'Return of IT Equipment'. This form will ask all relevant questions to help IT organise and schedule the collection or drop off of your equipment.

Where relevant please include:

You can also access this form in the 'Related Requests' Section of this article. You will need to be logged in to view this.

Important: When we receive your request we will contact you separately to confirm the details for collection, including your address and a contact number.  A courier collection will then be booked. If you wish to return the equipment in person we will also contact you with details of when and where you can do this safely.

Equipment should be returned in its original packaging if this has been retained.  If the original packaging is not available then please pack the items in a strong cardboard box with plenty of padding such as bubble wrap. Please remember to include all cables, manuals etc. that were delivered with the equipment.

Important: Laptops should be returned in their box, with the supplied charger.

Covid-19 Equipment Loans

Important: the above guidance applies specifically to Staff and Postgraduate Researchers who wish to return loaned IT equipment. Taught students who need to return equipment loaned during the Covid-19 pandemic should follow the 'Return student IT equipment - Covid-19' guidance.

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