Connecting to a faculty Remote Desktop Service using the Remote Desktop Gateway

Both the Faculty of Environment (FOE) & Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) offer faculty members Remote Desktop Services, that are accessed via Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG).


What is Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG)?

Both fbsdesktop and foe-sterm/foe-rdsh were previously accessed either via the Pulse Virtual Private Network (VPN) or through an existing Terminal Services Gateway (TSG). That access was discontinued in January 2021 and all users must now connect through RDG.  This ensures a secure, fast and reliable connection using the latest technology.

Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) 

FBS Staff or faculty postgraduates have remote access available via the Windows Remote Desktop server (fbsdesktop). 

Faculty of Environment (FOE) 

FOE Staff or faculty postgraduates have remote access available via the Windows Remote Desktop servers: foe-sterm, foe-rdsh.

NB: In addition, these services can be used by Mac users who require access to a Windows desktop. The services provide access to network drives, generic software and some specialist software (licensing permitting). 

Configuring the connection

Full details of how to configure your Remote Desktop Connection to use the new gateway can be found in this knowledge base article: Connecting to your University Windows computer from home using the Remote Desktop Gateway

When asked for the name of the remote computer:

If you are connecting and you already have a connection set up, you can edit it rather than creating a new one. 

Microsoft Windows

Image displaying right clicking of icon, with with the 'edit' option


  1. In Remote Desktop , select a computer list in the sidebar of the main window, select one computer, then choose File > Get Info.
  2. Click Attributes, click Edit, then edit any of the fields or choose a new label from the Label pop-up menu.
  3. If the admin computer’s Task Server has multiple network interfaces, choose which network interface it uses for Task Server communication from the “Task Server selection” pop-up menu.
  4. Click Done.

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