How to check your computer is up to date

This article shows you how to check if your operating system and anti-virus / anti-malware are up to date.

On University managed computers, you only need to check the Windows operating system and McAfee (anti-virus software). On personal Windows computers you may be using Windows Defender. 

Windows Devices

MacOS Devices

Windows Devices

Windows OS updates

  1. Click Start and search for “Windows Update settings

    Windows search box showing results for 'windows updates'

  2. Click on Windows Update settings in the search results
  3. A new windows will open showing you if you are up to date or need to check for updates:

    Windows Update dialog box showing 'You're up to date' message


McAfee Endpoint Security

  1. Click Start and search for McAfee Endpoint Security:

    Windows search showing results of search for 'McAfee Endpoint Security'

  2. Click on McAfee Endpoint Security in the results.
  3. Click on the Down arrow in the top right hand corner:

    McAfee Endpoint Security window with the down arrow in the top right corner highlighted

  4. Select About from the drop down menu:

    Drop down menu showing 'About' as the seventh menu item (above Exit)

  5. In the new windows that opens, the Amcore Content Date lists the date and time of the last update you have received. (NB. The updates are released late each day, so it’s common for it to report yesterdays date)
    McAfee window with AMCore content date (in the Threat Prevention section ) highlighted

Windows Defender

Note - Windows Defender is anti-virus protection is not used on University managed computers.

  1. Click on the Windows Defender icon (which looks like a shield) in the bottom right of your screen (near the clock). If you cannot see it, click the up arrow by the clock and then double click on the Windows Defender icon:

    Up arrow next to clock selected showing additional icons including the Windows Defender icon

  2. Check the Last Definition update date to find out when the device last updated. (On University managed computers this will not be visible, and the 'Virus & threat protection' section will say 'You're using other antivirus providers'.
    Windows Defender Security Center window showing the text 'Your device is being protected' and 'Last threat definition update' highlighted

MacOS Devices

MacOS Operating System Updates

  1. Click on the System Preferences icon at the bottom of the screen:

  2. Then click on Software Update:

  3. The Software Update page will let you know if any updates are available:

McAfee Endpoint Security

  1. Click on the McAfee Icon at the top right of the screen and select About:

  2. The Dat Creation Date will tell you when you last updated (NB. The updates are released late each day, so it’s common for it to report yesterdays date)