Add Weblinks to Mediasite Content

Adding weblinks to Mediasite content is a great way to gather a series of websites or journal links that are referenced in your video. As users cannot click links within a video itself, Mediasite allows you to add links to the 'Information' section of the video. This guide explains how to do this and access the links once they are added.

Please Note: You must be the owner of the video to do this.

Adding Links

Log into Minerva.

Click on the 'Mediasite' tab under Tools and Other University Systems on the right hand side:

Click on the title of the video you'd like to add a weblink.

Then click Edit Details to the right of the video.

Edit Details option in Mediasite

Scroll down to the Links heading and click Add Link.

Add Link option in Mediasite

Type in a friendly name for the link; for example, 'University of Leeds IT Website'

Then enter the link to the website making sure you include the http too - for example,

Then click Add New Link (shown below):

Add New Link

You can repeat this process to add multiple links. However, we don't usually recommend adding more than 10 as this can get confusing for people watching your video.

Once you've added all of your links, click Save.


Viewing links for Mediasite content

To view links in your Mediasite video, users can click the information 'i' icon when watching the video. This is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Mediasite player (shown below):

Information i icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Mediasite player

This will bring up a list of links which users can click on and open in a new browser tab so they don't lose the video itself:

University of Leeds IT Website