Syllabus Plus - Running Character Cleansing Tool to Fix Data Quality Issues

Data in the Syllabus Plus database can be corrupted when copying and pasting from another program and can affect activities showing in Attendance Monitoring, this guide shows how to resolve this. This guide assumes knowledge and access to Syllabus Plus and is for central Timetabling use only.

To see if the reported non-showing activity is affected run the Argos Report 'S+ Activity Data Quality Copy Paste Report' under General>Timetablers>Admin. If you see the affected activity or others then the Character Cleansing Tool should be run against the relevant S+ image.

    1. If you have not registered an S+ image please do so by opening the required image and go to COM then Register Server (User)
      CAUTION make sure only one S+ image is open when doing this
      S+ iapplication with COM menu open and 'Register Server (User)' highlighted

    2. Open the Character Cleansing Tool and click Connect, if successful the red box on the bottom left will turn green.
      'Character Cleansing Tool' window with Connect, Activities and Properties highlighted
    3. Under Objects tick Activities
    4. Under Properties tick Name and Description
    5. Click Run, depending on how much there is to clean this could take up to two hours (in case of thousands to be cleaned), shorter times for smaller amounts.