How to log onto the MyCareer website as a graduate after finishing your course of study

You may receive an "Permission denied" error when trying to log into the MyCareer website when using the "Student Login" option. This can happen if you are either about to finish or have finished your course of study or have already graduated. Following these instructions should provide access by registering as a graduate.

When Logging in with the "Student login" option on MyCareer website, the user may receive the error as shown in the below screenshot:

If you have finished your course of study and are about to graduate or have already graduated then the MyCareer system will not allow you to sign in as a student, even though you may still have access to other systems.

In this situation you will need to register for a graduate account.

Please note: Do not use this option if you are continuing your study or if you are not graduating.

1) To register please go to the website: you will see the options in the below image.

2) Please Choose the second option which is "Graduate login and registration" as highlighted in the below picture:

3) Next, you will be presented with two options, 'Graduate sign in' or 'Register' click on the latter "Register" option shown in the image below.

4) Complete the form that appears as illustrated in the picture below as completely as possible, remembering to include student ID number. This information will help the Careers Team approve your account and to link it to your student account. You will need to register with an active personal email address such as Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook or Yahoo etc.

Please note: Do not use your University email address.

5) Once submitted, your request will need to be approved by the Careers Team and you will receive an email to your registered personal email address once this has been done. This can take a few days, especially at peak times so please be patient. Please ensure you check all your inboxes on your personal email account (for example Gmail and Outlook have more than one) and also your spam or junk folders in case the confirmation email goes there. 

6) Once you receive the confirmation, you can log in under the "Graduate login" option previously described in step 3 with your personal email address and password you have chosen.

If you still experience the problem, we would recommend trying a different web browser, a different device or clearing your cookies and cache in your web browser in case it is trying to log you into the system with previously stored credentials.

You can find instructions on how to do this on the related article linked. 

If the issue persists then please contact IT, with your information, your device details and what steps you have undertaken.

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