Teams channel meeting notification

What is it?

The information below will help to ensure all members of a Microsoft Team are notified by email when a calendar event in a team is made.

What do I use it for?

To ensure users of a Microsoft Team are notified when a calendar event in a team channel is made, e.g., an online Teams meeting is arranged, and they receive the appropriate joining information and opportunity to add this to their personal Outlook calendar.

Who is it available to?

Owners of a Microsoft Teams team who wish to organise online meetings in Teams with that's team's membership.

How do I access it?

First open the SharePoint site attached to the team. To do this, open the General channel > click the three dots on the top right (...) > then click Open in SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams interface


Then open the Outlook group attached to the SharePoint (click Conversations).

Microsoft Teams interface

From the Outlook interface, click the three dots (...) and then click Settings.

Outlook interface

Click Edit group.

Outlook interface

Tick Send all [...] events to members' inboxes. [...], and then click Save.

Outlook interface